• 4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Goa

North Goa :

Scenic beaches, exciting water-sports, partying spots, and architectural landmarks come together to make North Goa a traveler’s delight. When you are on a 4-day trip in Goa, make sure that you devote at least 2 days to explore the attractions in North Goa. Here are our suggestions.

  • Duration: 4 Days/ 3 Nights.
  • Prices : 30,000 / per person.

Day 1 and Day 2: North Goa

Scenic beaches, exciting water-sports, partying spots, and architectural landmarks come together to make North Goa a traveler’s delight. When you are on a 4-day trip in Goa, make sure that you devote at least 2 days to explore the attractions in North Goa. Here are our suggestions.

1. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is among the best spots to experience the classic Goan vibe. During the day, this gorgeous beach sizzles with its glowing white sands, a plethora of water-sports, and several restaurants and shacks that offer a taste of authentic Goan cuisine and more. Once evening hits this beach, it transforms into a spot for enjoying an enticing nightlife, making it one of the top places to visit in Goa at night. The flea market held here every Wednesday is a crowd-puller. If you happen to be in Goa on a Wednesday, you shouldn’t give it a miss.

2. Calangute Beach

Stretching from Candolim to Baga, Calangute enjoys the reputation of being the queen of beaches in Goa. This scenic white sand beach is a paradise for people looking to engage in a session of adventurous water sports in Goa, including speed boat rides, banana rides, parasailing, water surfing, and lots more. If days are adventurous on this beach, nights are no less than sizzling. Enthralling beach parties can keep you dancing and drinking all through the night. Explore recommended places to stay in Goa at best price

3. Fort Agunda

Standing at the mouth of River Mandovi, Fort Aguada presents a majestic sight. The colossal fort dates back to 1612 and is considered to be among the most iconic forts in Goa. At one time, it was under the control of the Portuguese rulers, who valued it much for its strategic location. Today, the fort mesmerizes visitors with a spellbinding view of the Arabian Sea. There’s also an old lighthouse and a series of prison cells located inside the fort, which are among its key highlights. The presence of a secret passageway inside the fort adds to its appeal.

4. Chapora Fort aka Dil Chahta Hai Fort

Chapora Fort must be in your list of places to visit in Goa in 4 days, especially if you are traveling with your friends. The fort was featured in the Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai, which told the story of three friends named Sameer, Siddharth, and Akash. Two things happened ever since – firstly, it became a favorite spot for friends visiting Goa and secondly, the fort came to be known as the Dil Chahta Hai Fort. Located above the Chapora River, the fort has a rich history that dates back to 1717. Though nothing much of its old grandeur is left these days, the fort offers excellent views of the surrounding areas and the Vagator Beach from high up.

5. Casino pride

Casino Pride is a luxury gaming destination spread over 30,000 sq. ft. This floating gamers’ haven hovering on the Mandovi River is among the most happening casinos in Goa. It boasts of a bewitching ambiance, highlighted with golden-hued embellishments. Spread over three levels, this casino with its numerous playing tables and gaming slots is where you can have a tryst with destiny. The barbeque counter, bars, and restaurants inside this casino will ensure that you won’t have a dull moment once you step inside.

6. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Noted for its architectural beauty, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is among the most fascinating churches in Goa and it traces its origins back to more than four hundred years. Designed in the Portuguese architectural style, this church exhibits a non-plastered look on the exterior. In contrast, the interiors display a magnificent ornamented look. The main attraction of this church is the mummified body of St. Francis Xavier, which is housed inside a silver casket here. Want to know more about this UNESCO World Heritage Site? Read our blog to know why Basilica of Bom Jesus is the best church in Goa.

7. Se Cathedral

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Goa, Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina or Se Cathedral is dedicated to the Catherine of Alexandria. Designed in the Portuguese-Manueline style of architecture, the church exhibits flawless structural beauty. Among the highlights of this 250-feet-high church is its tower bell, which is known as the Golden Bell. Considered to be the largest bell in Goa, this bell boasts of a rich tone.

8. Museum of Christian Art.

Christianity has played a major role in the history of Goa and here’s a museum that captures the history of Christianity in the region in a spectacular manner. With its centuries-old artifacts and exhibits, the Museum of Christian Art traces a fascinating journey into the past. You can take a look at the impressive collection of statues, furniture pieces, paintings, ivory, precious metals, textiles, and a lot of other artifacts. You can include some of the other popular museums in Goa in your itinerary.

9.Mangeshi Temple

Standing in the vicinity of Velha Goa, Mangeshi Temple attracts travelers and devotees as one of the largest and oldest temples in Goa. The temple, which traces its origin to more than 450 years, is dedicated to the worship of Lord Mangesh, who is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. What makes this temple a popular tourist attraction is its splendid architecture that boasts of domes, balustrades, and columns. The seven-story octagonal lamp tower located at the entrance of the temple is one of its main highlights. Interestingly, it is the only temple in India built in honor of Lord Mangesh.

10. Palolem Beach

A scenic stretch of golden sand dotted with lush green palm trees and vibrant beach shacks – that’s Palolem Beach for you. One of the most spectacular places to visit in Goa in 4 days, Palolem is among those beaches where you can laze around for the whole day or engage in a number of activities. It offers you an interesting mix of things to do in South Goa, including adventurous water sports, flea market shopping, and eating out at the beachside restaurants. Activities: Scuba diving, Silent Discos, Kayaking, Yoga, Turtle Spotting, Dolphin Spotting.

11. Colva

Beach Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days -11 of 17 Best Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days Spectacular is the word that best describes Colva Beach. A haven for those looking for fun things to do in Goa, this beach offers an exciting choice of water sports. If your idea of a beach outing is relaxing and watching the world pass by, this beach is perfect for that as well. A favorite destination of the couples holidaying in Goa as well as the family crowd, Colva is also known for its buzzing nightlife and sizzling full moon parties. Activities: Jet Skiing, Speedboat Rides, Snorkelling, Windsurfing, Dolphin Spotting, Motorboat Rides, Banana Boat Rides, Parasailing, Water Scooter Rides,

12. Cabo de Rama Fort

Cabo de Rama boasts of rich history and an incredible location. The fort is steeped in legends and folklore, one of which states that this place was the residence of Lord Rama and his wife Sita during their years of exile and that is where its name comes from. You can enjoy breath-taking views of the Arabian Sea from this fort. There’s also the Church of Santo Antonio located within the fort premises, which is worth a visit.

Location: Canacona

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm; every day

13. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days.

13 of 17 Best Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days

Dudhsagar means the sea of milk in Hindi. If you take a look at the waterfall during the monsoon, you will realize why it’s been named so. The stream of water gushing down against the backdrop of verdant greenery gives an impression of a river of milk flowing down in abundance. Falling down a height of 1017 feet, this four-tiered waterfall offers a spectacular sight to behold. The waterfall is also surrounded by some scenic trails that are a hot favourite among trekking enthusiasts.

Location: Sonaulim

14. Mollen National Park

Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days #14 of 17 Best Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days Mollem National Park is a green paradise that covers the core area of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. With an exotic variety of animals, birds, butterflies, and reptiles, this park promises an exciting time for wildlife enthusiasts as well as nature lovers. You can spot a number of animals roaming around in this national park, including the Bengal tiger, spotted deer, leopard, sambar, and several other species. Just opt for the open jeep jungle safari that takes visitors into the deep area of the park and you are set for a thrilling time among the wonders of nature.

Location: Sonaulim

Timings: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm; every day

Entry fee: ₹ 20 per adult; ₹ 10 per children

15. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

#15 of 17 Best Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days

Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is another place where you can witness the beauty of Goa sans the beaches and shacks. The sanctuary comprises of a wonderful world of flora and fauna and is home to several species of animals like mouse deer, slender Loris, Malabar trogon, Indian pangolin, Malayan bittern, and many others. One of the highlights of this sanctuary is a treetop watchtower that overlooks a watering hole. You can watch the inmates of the jungle visiting this place to quench their thirst.

Location: Canacona Taluka

Timings: 7:00 am to 5:30 pm; every day

Entry fee: ₹ 5 for adults, ₹ 2 for children

16. Indian Naval Aviation Museum

Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days

#16 of 17 Best Places to Visit in Goa in 4 Days

How about learning a thing or two about the history and evolution of naval

aviation in the country? Make your way to the Indian Naval Aviation Museum where you can enjoy a great time with your family and kids. The place displays many interesting artifacts and machines related to naval aviation. You can also buy some souvenirs from the shop located within the museum or have a cup of tea from the Cockpit Café. The museum also has a mini theatre where you can watch documentaries and movies related to naval aviation.

Location: Vasco da Gama

Timings: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; closed on Mondays

Entry fee: ₹ 30 for adults; ₹ 10 for kids

17. Mahadeva Temple of Tambdi Surla

Just like North Goa, South Goa also has its share of ancient temples and places of worship. The Tambdi Surla Mahadeva Temple is one such ancient shrine that deserves to be in your list of places to visit in Goa in 4 days. The temple dates back to the 12th century and is built in the not-so-common Kadamba -Yadava style of architecture. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity here and the shrine is encircled by lush green forests, making it one of the most beautiful temples in South Goa.